Our tannery is processing these products:

  • cattle hides - leathers for footwear and upholstery in sides and full area size, leathers for garments and leather goods
  • calf skins - leathers for garments, gloves and footwear
  • horse hides - leathers for garments, footwear and leather goods
  • goat and kid skins - leathers for garments and leather goods
  • sheepskins - leathers for garments, leather goods and chamois.
  • lambskins - leathers for gloves, bookbinding and parchment
  • We are also processing bovine and calf splits for leather goods, garments, footwear and gloves.
  • Natural leather


  • The minimum order quantity is 8000 DM of single product type.


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    GARA TZL PLUS s.r.o

    Tannery Otrokovice

    Czech republic


    complex TOMA a.s., building 52a

    76582, Otrokovice

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