Photos from production (click for bigger) ...The tannery GARA-PAVEL Tomáš has been set up in 1993. The activity due to the change of laws was gradually transfered untill 31.12.2004 to the limited liability company GARA s.r.o.

From the beginning, the tannery is intent on the quality treatment of tannery raw hides and semi-products to finished leather material ready for goods. The beginning of the tannery is related to the production of leathers for garments and gloves. Later, since 1966 the tannery produces also leathers for footwear, upholstery and leather goods. Besides these main products, the tannery produces leathers for bookbinding, chamois and parchement to order. The tannery can inset in production also very small orders acording to the client requests.

Photos from production (click for bigger) ...The tannery GARA has develloped his factory in the industrial area founded in Otrokovice by Tomas Bata since 1933. The tannery owners following not only tradition of the famous czech shoemaker but they are continuators of their own family traditions in the 3rd generation. In the past years the owners have made a lot of investment in new modern italian machines which improve the quality of final products. The company GARA is unique tannery in Czech Republic producing cattle hide leathers in full area size for upholstery, garment and leather goods.






Tannery Otrokovice

Czech republic


complex TOMA a.s., building 52a

76582, Otrokovice

+420 577 664 355